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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Something unusual that happened that day
I am finally reaching my last post for the english blog creating assignment which stand 50% of CA1. Back to the subject, i think something unusual that happened some time ago would be finding both the lifts at my house not being able to operate effectively. Lifts are apparatus for people to travel to their apartments on different levels at ease. As a resident living on the 13th floor, taking the lift has became a daily routine for me to travel to the ground floor using the lift and then afterward to my destination.
But on a hot and sunny day, i returned with my heavy bag over my back feeling tired and exhausted. But what greeted me and shocked me was the words " Under maintenance " shown on the displays of the both lifts in my block. I was thinking, "O.M.G., why must such a thing happen now?!" With mountains of homework that had to be done i pulled up my socks and climbed 26 flights of stairs. Although i took me quite some time to reach my house, i manage to complete my homework given to me.
Sometime in life such unusual things just happen without warning and you have to face it. The time is late, shall blog another day or never ever will i blog again. Bye!

7:04 PM

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A problem you encountered and how you solved or managed it

A problem i encountered and how i solved or managed it? Well, i think that will be having lots of homework given by teachers at the same time resulting in a whole stack of assignments in front of me. Even now i am still struggling with my homework and blogging now is also considered one of the assignments i have to complete.
I agree that having homework is essential for our education but too much homework is a different case. Having too much homework will make students very stress and resulting of cases where by students commit suicide.
Sometimes in life we may make the wrong decision choosing the easy way out. Back to the topic. Here is the schedule of he homework received on a typical day.

  • Math workbook worksheet 4 -----> 15mins
  • Math exercise -----> 1 hour
  • Chinese workbook -----> 40mins
  • Chinese spelling -------> 1 hour
  • English blogging -----> 1 hour
I will take more than 3 hours to complete my homework. An average day we are dismissed at 3.25 p.m. and i will reach home at 5. After finishing all the homework i have barely enough time to sleep. Sometimes i really wonder if the teachers have taken into consideration about the homework given. About how i solved the problem... Isn't it quite obvious, i will have to stay up and finish the homework given. Have other homework to do... can't blog anymore. Bye !

7:04 PM

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Something that took place in school

Today, 26th jan 2010, we had our Sec 1 R.S.P. (regional studies program) orientation. But i felt disappointed in the sec1s. Well, i must admit that we sec2s did not prepare much on our part but at least we tried our best to put up such an activity for them. But, they don't seem to appreciate the things that we did. They were split into 6 groups to try out the different activities we had. E.g. traditional games and spices. Then the different groups went to their respective location given in the form of a clue. Apparently some of them could not understand and compromise the simple instruction given to them.
I think the whole event ended out as a failure. First, i proceed with my group to play scrabble. They were needed to form ten Bahasa Indonesia words and write it down. But the sec1s ended up forming words like (Ibu tidak ada dua bola) which means (mother don't have two balls). I was like "L.O.L". Next they were given clue to the parade square. We were supposed to play sepak takraw but we ended up playing soccer. After that i went back to RSP room and found that the activity has ended.
"Whew" i sighed, but after the sec1s were dismissed, Mr Leo talked to us and we realised our lack of preparations of this activity and resulting it in becoming a failure. But we learned our lesson and will make sure there is enough preparations for the other stuff that we will me organising . Bye Bye.

6:42 PM

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A special moment i enjoyed with my family

I know that anybody who read this will find it not original when reading the post by (sen in the bin) but i can ensure you that this is absolutely original.
A special moment spent with my family was is Bali. We visited Bali in June last year, and visited the zoo there. We were greeted by lots of statues and monuments there. ( look at the photos )
*Note: Please forgive me for the blur images taken by my 3.2 megapixel phone camera

And, we visited the white tiger too.
We saw lots of animals including the Orang Utan.
The safari tour on a mini bus was fun...

After the trip to the zoo we had dinner at a roadside stall before heading back to our hotel in a car we rented with a chauffeur included. The journey from the zoo and the hotel took us 1-2 hours but it was worth the wait cause with the tight schedule we have we don't really get to really have a serious chat about our daily lives. We went for a swim at night, before returning to sleep. The next day we headed to the airport back home although we felt reluctant to leave such an exotic island.
The main thing that i want to emphasis in our trip to Bali is the strong relationship between my family members. This trip has strengthened the bond between us and i realised how important is it to have a happy family and a warm home. We went home happily and prepare for school to reopen. :)

7:00 PM

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A moment spent alone doing something you enjoyed

Watching shows or anime on my phone? Watching shows on my phone is undoubtedly one of my favourite things to do when i am alone. When watching on my phone, i immerse myself into the show, as though i am one of the characters in the scene. It makes me oblivious to the surroundings, making my able to put everything else ( including my worries ) aside while my mind somehow enter another dimension where troubles and worries do not exist, a place where i can relax my mind and most importantly releasing my stress. One of my favourite anime is "Reborn!" (has anyone heard of it?).
Some may think that watching show is a waste of time but i certainly beg to differ. I wouldn't let it affect my studies. There are some time slots by which we may have free time but it is too redundant that we don't notice. e.g. Time we have during transport to and fro from school. If you have noticed, many people don't really make full use of the time they have on buses or trains. A typical person seen on public transport has headsets on their ears while staring into space or taking a little snooze. Whereas me, i make use of the time to watch some episodes before returning home with a fresh mind to concentrate on homework.
Watching shows on my phone is so far the best thing i enjoyed doing alone. There may be others i may try in near future, i don't know. I gtg. Bye!

4:58 PM

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hi! Just created my blog... erm... added a few widgets like the clock and the tracker...


*NOTE: This is not an entry for the english blog assignment.

5:18 PM

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