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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Something unusual that happened that day
I am finally reaching my last post for the english blog creating assignment which stand 50% of CA1. Back to the subject, i think something unusual that happened some time ago would be finding both the lifts at my house not being able to operate effectively. Lifts are apparatus for people to travel to their apartments on different levels at ease. As a resident living on the 13th floor, taking the lift has became a daily routine for me to travel to the ground floor using the lift and then afterward to my destination.
But on a hot and sunny day, i returned with my heavy bag over my back feeling tired and exhausted. But what greeted me and shocked me was the words " Under maintenance " shown on the displays of the both lifts in my block. I was thinking, "O.M.G., why must such a thing happen now?!" With mountains of homework that had to be done i pulled up my socks and climbed 26 flights of stairs. Although i took me quite some time to reach my house, i manage to complete my homework given to me.
Sometime in life such unusual things just happen without warning and you have to face it. The time is late, shall blog another day or never ever will i blog again. Bye!

7:04 PM

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